Friday, November 7, 2008

Clown niggers

Niggers wont read, but they know how to dance, in this information time if you dont read you will miss yesterday and tomorrow. We are in a recession, but niggers find money to buy the next pair of nike, gas price is on the rise, yet they find money to buy brand new cars, no credit for a mortgage, but good enough to get that new benz which will be reposess next month. Sad to say, but i hope you know about the niggers, the big black eagle, and the black folks, now before i confuse you let me explain. The niggers are those who still suffering from the "Willy lynch" syndrome, its ok not to work and get what ever is free, it doesn't matter how they live as long they feel comfortable, it is ok to wear the latest gear just to go outside when wake up at 12 noon, but looking for job is not part of the plan, wonder why the white men is still their step father, 35 years of age still living at home with mom, they have strong jealousy toward the black folks who are out everyday trying to provide for their families, to the niggers getting an education is just not cool, and putting on a suit for a meeting, or job interview makes you look like a clown, the big black eagle are those who feels more important than the rest, they have money and education, now believe you me those niggers feel like a slave master specially your black cops, they feel big and theyll do anything not to let you in on the secret on how to be successful, specially when meet a black woman with more education and live in a better neighborhood, they will try to correct everything out your mouth, since they know you're less educated, they will talk to you a certain way to let you know you're not on their level, and they even try to date white boys are a rich nigger, and the black folks are those who knows about who they are and maintain a certain life style by doing the right thing, go to work; educate their kids and trying to stay away from the nonsense. Niggers in america are really the most retarded niggers in the world, which is cause by the curse of slavery, the white men still control their mind and they dont get it, a jamaican will come here and do 3 to 5 jobs at the end of the day succeed at what they looking for, but we wont, the white man says theres a difference between blacks and jamaican the niggers believe it, but in the white man's eyes you are all the same (niggers) now we all know a nigger do anything for a dollar they are on tv throwing money, showing cribbs, buying big cars, but they dont own nothing, they cant work together, everyday the nigger still have to get up and answer to the white men, who control the checks if they write it they own you, all you have is a job i dont care what law firm you work for, if you have a boss, there for you can be fired and look for another job, some niggers feel better being under the white men's control they like to be told what to do, they love to please the white men, these are the house niggers, and they care about the white men more than they do about themselves, niggers in america dont understand they may have a lot of money but thats all they have riches, and no wealth, success is far from achievement, one less check and a law suit the rich niggers will be back on the field, some niggers really believe they can make a career out of drug dealing, and the others think they can always rob another which is why another nigger is being shot everyday (it calls greed). Its sad niggers die so young they have no value for life, if you play a song from the 80s they say its old, but a rapper will rap over the same beat they say its new, they wont wear fubu or karl kani because its played out, but polo, and calvin klein been there before they were born they still glorify them, again love to serve the white men, a nigger will advertise what ever company own by the white men on tv when the white men laugh at it and says thanks but no thanks, if you're 28 years old these days, they say you're old, now when do you start life, or when do you settle, well niggers die at the age of 15 from their own by the time they turn 20 they feel like an adult, but if you really pay attention, everyone has a million excuses for these young niggers, if they do anything stupid, or they wont chase success, people says oh they still young in other words niggers have excuses for everything and they hate the truth, tell a nigger the truth specially a black chick, they will tell you that you're bashing them, wonder why they went at "Bill cosby" when he tried to tell them how to be responsible and at "Obama" when he tried to tell them to stay in school. Every white kids appreciate their past, why when the old rock group release a new albums they sell millions? why do young white kids still listen to the beatles? why do they still adore shakespear? why do they help each other which help them stay on top, niggers of today only know about "Martin luther king junior" anyone past that they dont know about, today's rappers dont even know these informations, which is why the 80s and 90s erra of hiphop can't never be forgotten no matter how much they try, Public enemy had information, Krs 1 blew our mind, Nas and Tupac showed us how it felt to be young black and proud. At the end of the day you will look into your self and see that mental state of mind is your only curse, jealousy, greed, ignorance, so before you buy that brand new car learn how to invest your money, find out what dowjones and nasdag mean, when you work that next job and the pay check cant do, learn how to put together a business plan, the next time you buy that brand new pair of sneakers ask your self who owns that company and how does it help you? when you own that big house do you think you really escape being a nigger in the eyes of white america? each time you shoot a black person and you claim the code of the streets is to not snitching, ask your self how stupid and retarded you sound? when you join that gang understand its because you're afraid of your own fear and feel you need to be love, but nothing greater. We are short of responsibility on both side of the coin, the young girls are getting pregnant for niggers they know nothing about, by the time the baby is born shes just a another baby mama and he/she is just another kid out of wedlock, diseases and infections are on the rise in the black community, the older mothers are running around like the young girls trying to be young, claim they need love, but wont stand by their men, it dont matter how much lip gloss you wear you're still that old chick on the block, with 3 kids and no father your value is less than a big mac. ask your self why you're not married, so the next time you have kids for that man, make sure hes responsible, you make the choice of your body wether you will keep or abort, than make the choice of being responsible? stop dressing these young girls like hookers and teach these boys how to be men instead of the video games who raises them how to be killers. That bet channel you watch everyday dont have any program to educate you, they try but not really what they want, you dont have to read, you dont have to help your fellow man, you dont have to be proud and learn about who you are, you can stick with the slave mentality, drive the latest car instead of taking care of your kids, and each time you see your self in that unemployment line, and behind bars, or harrasse by the cops know that you're just a clown nigger, nigger.

A solution for the niggers
try to put down that play station, use your computer as a tool for information and research, the little bit of money you have try to invest it, if you have an idea share it with another in order for business opportunity, because information thats not share has no value, or meaning forget the latest gear unless you're investment is ok, that new car really doesnt make you look important, yet stupid, take care of your kids try to be family men, work together have more unity, let go the greed, jealousy, and ignorance, and you shall break the curse.

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